Friday, January 7, 2011


Wine: Veglio Barolo, 2005, Italy

Paired with: Charcuterie and cheese plate with garlic & dill chevre, Uncle Joe's Cheese (aged cheddar); elk rillette, Moroccan lamb coppa

Comments: Barolo is THE wine as far as I'm concerned. Desert island, one bottle for the rest of my life, last meal wine. Nebbiolo is of course a great wine on its own, but when grown in the clay hills of the Barolo region and properly aged, one sip is enough to make my eyes roll back in my head. Even the thought of a sip of good barolo distracts me from whatever I'm doing. Amy, knowing this, was kind enough to provide me with a bottle for the holidays.

Barolo is still being bottled in two styles. The traditional style, my preference, is aged up to 3 weeks on the skin and creates a heavily tannic wine of light color. The growth of wine on the international market in the 70s and 80s lead to a modernist style that's lighter on tannin and fruitier. Still good, but not a thinking wine.

Tasting Notes - pre-food: This is definitely a modernist Barolo, fairly light with a a hint of cherry. Perhaps this is also a reflection on the price point. Aromas are also of cherry with a little leather and Twizzlers licorice thrown in

Tasting Notes - with food: The barolo had a slight sweetness when paired with the spice of the Moroccan lamb coppa and also complimented the cheeses very nicely.

Color: light ruby, like a pinot noir

Price: $15 for a 375-ml bottle

Verdict: Tuesday, though it pains me to say it this is not a Friday Barolo. It's a perfectly acceptable wine, but   doesn't live up to what the nebbiolo grape can be, especially from this region.