Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A tail of two pairings

Wine: Malivoire, 2006 Courtney Gamay; Niagara bench, Canada

Paired with: Pernil(roast pork), fennel brussel sprouts

Comments: It seems that this year we are on a pernil kick. Pernil is a delicous roast pork dish that requires a little bit of prep, and a fair amount of waiting as the house slowly fills with one of the greatest food smells ever. Of course, any meal that requires that much time and effort needs a good wine. Early this year we chose a great syrah. While we could have played it safe this time and stuck with the formerly successful pairing, that would be boring. So we decided to try the gamay that had been calling our name from the wine rack. It was a success.

The simple fact is that the pairing that has worked before or the one that the book recommended will work just fine, but it shouldn't be just fine. It should be surprising or exciting or just plain new. Worst case, it doesn't work and you open a different bottle or have water with dinner. Best case you build a library of pairings that work and you're able to pull out as needed. 

That's all we have to say today: try something different with your pairings.

Tasting Notes - pre-food: A hint of raspberry on the the nose that carries through on the palette where there is also some light cherry. Very tangy straight out of the bottle with hints of raspberry and cherry. A little air softened it up.

Tasting Notes - with food: The food brought out a little tartness, in a good way. It was really beautiful with flavors of soft red fruit and cranberries.

Color: medium red

Price: $18

Verdict: Friday, and don't you forget it